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7 Things You Must Know About Your Cataract Surgeon

Many people would describe their eyesight as their most important sense. We could deal with not being able to smell for the most part as this is a minor issue, but not being able to see, or even see well, is completely different. While cataract surgery itself is straightforward you should make sure you know all about the surgeon you are placing your trust in. Here are seven things you should find out about your surgeon.

1.  Ask those you trust

Ask around to see which names continually come up. Someone to ask would be your local doctor, optometrist, and any friends or relatives who have had cataract surgery. Use these names as your starting point – make sure to look at their credentials further.

2.  Research your surgeon’s education

Try to find out where your surgeon trained and what qualifications he/she has. Once you have figured out their credentials, you will be able to see how it ranks fairly easily.

3.  Make sure your doctor is board certified

Your surgeon must be board certified. It is a stepping stone for any surgeon. In order to receive this certification, the surgeon must pass both an oral and written exam. It takes about three years to complete the process and younger ophthamologists will have to retake it every ten years.

4.  Look at the practice website

No surgeon will ever write something bad about themselves on their website. However you can use it to confirm what you already know. Does the website provide plenty of information about the different types of cataract surgeries and options available? Does it show information about any of the surgeons?

5.  Find testimonials to see others experiences

There will likely be testimonials on the practice website. It would be a good idea to read these. If you wanted to take it further you could ask your surgeon for the name and number of a previous patient that you could speak to. This can be really valuable and give you great peace of mind.

6.  Meet the surgeon

While the above steps can give you a good idea about your surgeon, you cannot know properly until you have met him or her. When you meet the surgeon you will be able to confirm what you already know about them. Most importantly you will know if you like and trust them or not. This may seem irrelevant but the more you trust the surgeon, the happier you will be in the days and hours before the surgery and the less of a stressful experience it will be.

7.  How many operations has the surgeon performed?

Practice makes perfect. Invariably, the more times a surgeon performs a procedure, the better he will get at it. Each surgery will have a different number of surgeries required to become excellent. For cataract surgery this number is around 500.

With 8000 cataract surgeries being performed every day, there are a lot of cataract surgeons in Los Angeles as well as every other city in the USA. Many people will choose their surgeon almost at random. When choosing someone to cut open your eye, make sure you take the time to pick the right cataract surgeon. Los Angeles has many great surgeons and practices. To find out more click here.

Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D.

Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D.

A personal approach to each individual patient has always been the hallmark of Dr. James Khodabakhsh, one of Beverly Hills’ premier anterior segment surgeons. It is more than just personalized care; however, that has made Dr. Khodabkhsh one of the most sought after ophthalmologists in Southern California. You can find Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D. on Google Plus.

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