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Cataract Surgery Vs. Laser Cataract Surgery: What’s The Difference?

Over the recent years, much of the focus in modern medicine was on how to make procedures less invasive, more effective, and hence safer. Cataract surgery is one type of surgery that has benefited from this research. Laser cataract surgery offers an alternative to the standard cataract surgery. So what are the differences between the two? Let’s look at the standard procedure first.

Standard Cataract Surgery

In standard cataract surgery a micro incision is made on the side of the eye using a bladed tool and needle. An ultrasonic instrument is then placed inside the eye and is used to break up the clouded lens. The broken up lens is then vacuumed up and an artificial intraocular lens, or IOL replaces it.

Because the incision made is very small, typically less than 3.5 mm, there isn’t any stitching is required. You should be able to resume your normal daily routine just 24 hours after your procedure – a very quick turnaround.

While this method is great and has an extremely high success rate, there is a better solution:

Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery is performed using no needles, which is its biggest advantage. It is carried out using a femtosecond laser which can reliably reproduce the most challenging parts of the standard procedure.

For Laser cataract surgery, a LenSx® laser is used. This laser is one the most technologically advanced in the USA. It is unmatched for precision and ultimate computer control.

While we all share the same parts of our eye, we all have slightly different sizes for these parts that must be carefully measured before your cataract surgery. In standard cataract surgery these are all routinely measured. Using a femtosecond laser however, a wide range of technologies become available and an incredibly accurate and detailed picture of your eye can be formed to improve the effectiveness of the surgery even further. This is possible because the LenSx® uses integrated optical coherence tomography.

For the actual surgery, the process is largely the same. The laser will make a small incision on the eye, and the lens will then be fragmented to soften and break up the cataract lens of the eye.

As you can see, laser cataract surgery offers a range of benefits that standard cataract surgery cannot match. It’s a less invasive procedure that has an even higher success rate because the equipment is so advanced. Your doctor will be able to explain further if you would benefit from it. For Laser Cataract Surgery in Beverly Hills go to www.beverlyhillsvision.com today.

Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D.

Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D.

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