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3 Important Ways Cataract Surgery Can Change Your Life

Like so many other things, our vision is something we take for granted.  Having a cataract can be debilitating; not being able to do the simplest things such as reading a book or driving at night, can be very frustrating. Cataract surgery is such a simple procedure that there is no reason to suffer with a cataract.  Here are three ways cataract surgery can change your life:

1.  Get Your Life Back

Cataracts are a huge hindrance. A simple task such as going out to the shops can become difficult for some cataract sufferers. Imagine not being able to go out at night because you found it too difficult to see due to all the bright lights.

Having cataract surgery can do so much for you by giving you more hours in your day so you can complete more goals and enjoy activities that you couldn’t have done before the surgery. This can all be solved and you can reclaim your life with cataract surgery. Los Angeles has so many beautiful sights to see. It’s about time you saw them clearly.

2.  It Will Never Come Back

Once you’ve had cataract surgery you will have peace of mind that you will never have another cataract. While this can be a concern with other conditions, this procedure is not one you’ll need to think about again. In some cases, people may have a slight problem with their eyes. This is a problem with the lens capsule. All that is required to stop the sensation you may be feeling is to go and see your eye doctor. They will be able to use a special laser that can correct the issue in no time at all.

Cataracts can only form on your real lens. Since it is replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens or IOL, you will have no chance of the cataract coming back. This is because the proteins that cause the cataracts to develop cannot form on the artificial lens. Your IOL will work even better than your natural lens. In many cases, an IOL lens can restore your vision to the point that you will no longer need glasses.

3.  Have Confidence

Removing cataracts can give you the confidence boost you may have been looking for. When you know you have problems with your eyesight it can put a strain on you. You might be second-guessing what you are doing. Once you start to doubt yourself, it can be hard to stop with doubt creeping into previously easy decisions.

The success rate is over 95% for cataract removals. With such a high success rate for this simple procedure and with so many benefits to your life such as a newfound confidence, being able to reclaim your life and knowing it will never come back, cataract surgery in Los Angeles is something you should definitely consider.

Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D.

Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D.

A personal approach to each individual patient has always been the hallmark of Dr. James Khodabakhsh, one of Beverly Hills’ premier anterior segment surgeons. It is more than just personalized care; however, that has made Dr. Khodabkhsh one of the most sought after ophthalmologists in Southern California. You can find Afshin James Khodabakhsh M.D. on Google Plus.

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