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Cataract Surgery Benefits

You’ve decided the time is right to take care of your cataract, giving yourself the gift of clear vision. Cataracts are typically brought on by age and time; a gradual build-up of proteins bind together on the lens of your eye, causing distortion in the light that is focused on your retina. If you have experienced cloudy or blurred vision, halos around objects, faded color or decreased night vision for a number of years, you may have become accustomed to poor vision. Cataract surgery can clear your sight as well as potentially improve your vision after surgery.

Experience is Paramount

When choosing a cataract surgeon, experience is one of the most important factors to consider. Cataract surgery is a delicate process where a small incision is made in the cornea, the cloudy lens is broken up and removed and an intraocular lens (IOL) implant is placed in the eye. Though modern technologies have made the surgery safer and more precise, there is still room for error. The person you entrust with your vision should have years of experience performing cataract surgeries and working with a variety of eye diseases. Seek out cataract surgeons with board certifications and high success rate.

Type of IOL

Another point to consider is the type of IOL a cataract surgeon offers. There are several types of IOL’s; some have one focal distance, others can focus at multiple distances and still others can correct astigmatism or presbyopia. If you have need of a specific IOL, search for cataract surgeons who implant the type of IOL you think you want to choose. A thorough eye examination is needed to decide what type of replacement lens is right for you, however. In addition, some IOL’s are considered “premium” or luxury items, and are not covered by medical insurance.

Facilities and Location

When choosing a cataract surgeon you will also want to consider where your surgery will take place and the condition of the facilities. Since you will need someone to drive you home after surgery, it might be helpful to choose a location close to home or make prior arrangements to stay at a hotel near the eye doctor. Your cataract surgeon will schedule follow up appointments to check your progress. Should any complications arise, being close to the physician or medical facilities is advantageous.