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YAG PI Laser

The YAG PI (peripheral iridotomy) laser is the most common option for treating patients with narrow angle anatomy and the more serious angle closure glaucoma attack. It is important that people who think they are experiencing symptoms of a closed-angle glaucoma attack seek treatment immediately, as closed-angle glaucoma is extremely fast progressing. These symptoms include pain in or behind the eye ball, and headache with nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances with halos around light

The procedure is very quick, usually lasting a few seconds to a couple of minutes. There is no dilatation or local anesthesia, so patients will be able to drive themselves home after the procedure is over. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately, but will need to return to the eye surgeon for a follow-up evaluation and will need to use steroid drops from a week to ten days. In addition to stopping the process of closed-angle glaucoma, YAG PI can sometimes result in decreased intraocular pressure. This result is not guaranteed, but can sometimes be an added benefit. The procedure is incredibly effective, and usually does not need to be performed again for the duration of the patient’s life.

If you think you or someone you are with is having a closed-angle glaucoma attack, or have been told that you have narrow angles in your eyes, call or come into Beverly Hills Vision Institute right away. If pain is severe or has been going on for some time, call 911 or an ambulance. Dr. Khodabakhsh will perform an eye exam and determine if you are having a closed-angle glaucoma attack, and if the YAG PI laser procedure is right for you.