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Allegretto Laser

img allegretto Allegretto Laser
The Allegretto Wave excimer laser uses wavefront technology to address defects in the eye’s visual system. It is FDAapproved for nearsightedness and farsightedness, with or without astigmatism. (Ranges are listed below.)

It’s the first entirely new excimer laser platform to win FDA approval in five years: The Allegretto Wave, built by WaveLight, was designed right from the start for custom laser vision correction.

People undergoing LASIK or other refractive procedures with Allegretto Wave will benefit from the laser’s unique ability to reshape the eye while compensating for the cornea’s naturally aspheric (not perfectly round) shape.

Unlike older excimer lasers, which remove eye tissue in a central, flat manner that creates an edge, Allegretto Wave’s PerfectPulse technology uniformly applies tiny pinpoints of laser pulses adjusted to each eye’s specific curvature. With this unique system, eye tissue is reshaped in a smooth, consistent manner that provides the very best vision result.

WaveLight also uses a technology called Wavefront, pioneered by the same company. Wavefront measurements provide meticulously detailed information that can help eye surgeons address obscure defects in the eye’s optical system, known as higher order aberrations.

More Than Half of Nearsighted Patients Achieved Better Than 20/20 Vision

What does this new technology mean for patients treated with the Allegretto Wave?

For one thing, the Allegretto Wave can treat a larger area within the eye’s targeted treatment zone. This means a greatly reduced chance of side effects, such as seeing halos around headlights and bright lights at night. These side effects can occur when, at night or in darkened rooms, the eye’s pupil widens and expands beyond the area of the cornea that received laser correction.

Eye surgeons writing for medical journals have expressed concerns about the limitations of certain other excimer lasers that, unlike the Allegretto Wave, might fail to apply laser energy in a large enough zone.

img allegretto diagram Allegretto LaserUsing Wavefront-optimized algorithms as it corrects your vision, the Allegretto Wave creates aspherical corneas, customized to each patient’s corneal curvature.
In clinical trials leading up to FDA approval of the Allegretto Wave…

  • 60% of nearsighted patients achieved 20/16 vision, which is significantly better than 20/20.
  • At 12 months post-op, 87% of patients were 20/20 or better.
  • More than 98% of all patients achieved 20/40 or better vision outcomes, which would enable them to pass a driver’s test.
  • And patients’ reports of glare and night-driving glare improved after the treatment.

Why Should You Consider the Allegretto Wave?

Myopia (nearsightedness):up to -12 dioptersHyperopia (farsightedness): up to +6 diopters

Myopia with astigmatism: up to -12 diopters myopia with up to -6 diopters astigmatism

Hyperopia with astigmatism: up to +6 diopters hyperopia with up to +5 diopters astigmatism*

The Allegretto Wave’s broad approval range means that some patients outside the range of other lasers’ “custom” treatments can still benefit from a Wavefront-optimized treatment with Allegretto Wave.


PerfectPulse Technology accurately controls the energy level and placement of every laser pulse, enabled by an active eye tracker that reads eye movement 200 times per second.

Quality of Vision.

Wavefront-optimization customizes the treatment to each person’s corneal curvature.


The Allegretto Wave is the fastest laser in the United States, treating one diopter of correction in only four seconds. In fact, the average total treatment time is just 10 seconds. Rapid treatment speed has been shown to increase predictability and reduce the incidence of complications.

*Not exceeding a mean spherical equivalent of +6 diopters. Current studies are being completed for Wavefront-guided treatments and for treatment of mixed astigmatism.

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