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AcrySof® Restor® IOL

acrysof AcrySof® Restor® IOLThe AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens is an artificial lens that is implanted in the eye to replace the eye’s clouded crystalline lens during cataract surgery. One feature of our sight that is greatly impacted with cataracts is accommodation, or the ability of the eye’s lens to change shape to focus on objects at various distances. However, this ability diminishes as we grow older, and diminishes greatly with cataracts, and causes us to become dependent on bifocals or reading glasses. AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lenses, however, are specially designed to improve accommodation by combining apodized diffractive and refractive technologies, which have long been used to improve the quality of telescopes and microscopes. Now, that same technology has been patented for use in the AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lenses.

Apodization refers to the gradual tapering of the diffractive steps from the edge of a lens to create a smooth transition of light between the distance, intermediate, and near focal points. On a AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens, the center of the lens surface is apodized, meaning that the series of tiny steps in the center area work together to focus light for near and intermediate vision.

The refractive region of the AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens bends light as it passes through the lens to a focal point on the retina. This region surrounds the apodized diffractive region and helps focus light for distance vision.

AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lenses have become widely popular, and clinical studies indicate that nearly 94% of patients are so satisfied with the results of their AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens implantation, that they would undergo the surgery again.

Potential complications with the implantation surgery are generally the same as with the implantation of any other intraocular lens. Contact Beverly Hill Vision Institute to discuss if AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lenses are right for you. Dr. Khodabakhsh will perform a thorough examination and fully inform you of any increased risk of complications you may have.