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  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "I am so happy that I chose Dr. Khodabakhsh for my cataract surgery."

    —Florence Henderson, Actress

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "You are an amazing doctor…and I will forever be grateful to you."

    —Lara Ladd, Producer

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "I was referred to Dr. Khodabakhsh by my longtime ophthalmologist. I was so tired of wearing glasses for both far and near. Dr. Khodabakhsh performed clear lens extraction surgery followed by LASIK. My vision is perfect at all distances and I dont use glasses for anything anymore. I could not be happier. His new technology is amazing and he is one of a very few doctors that is amazing at what he does and caring. Thank you for my new perfect vision."

    —JoBeth Williams, Actress

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "I can see; I can see perfectly. It's as simple and amazing as that. I can read music books, scripts and i can see across a room, stage, read signs, all things necessary to feel confident and secure in my daily life. I interviewed several doctor's before a friend recommend Dr. Khodabakhsh for cataract surgery and I knew immediately he was the right doctor. From the first consultation to the completion of my surgery, he was so thoughtful and through and I am so grateful he is a wonderful doctor."

    —Nancy Dussault, Actress

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "It was obvious from the moment I met Dr. Khodabakhsh that I was in good hands. When I mentioned his name to other doctors, the unsolicited reaction was unanimous, "Excellent surgeon. One of the best!" Mine was a fairly complicated surgery that other doctors didn't want to touch. The surgery went without a hitch. I knew exactly what to expect thanks to Dr. Khodabakhsh's thorough explanations throughout the entire process. I couldn't be happier.

    I can't thank you enough"

    —Sam Behrens - Actor, Producer

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "I had RK many years ago and lots of problems afterwards. I couldnt see far or near without glasses. Dr. Khodabakhsh fixed both eyes with LASIK, and now I'm finally 20/20 without glasses. This is amazing. Thank you Dr. K."

    —Corky Ballas, Dancer on "Dancing with the Star"

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "As a Theater and Television director, my eyes are my livelihood. Thanks to Dr. Khodabakhsh for restoring them to perfection with my cataract procedure."

    —John Bowab, Director

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "After Doctor Khodabakhsh did cataract surgery on my right eye, my vision is now excellent. I admire your tremendous skill, Doctor."

    —Priscilla Pointer, Actress

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "For various reasons, and having been mistakenly told by a respected Brentwood ophthalmologist that it posed no danger, I allowed a cataract in my left eye to go unattended for months. Like too many others, I adapted to my condition instead of having it treated.

    By the time I saw Dr. Khodobaksh, I could see only vague pools of light from my left eye and something worrisome was beginning to cloud my right eye. After a painless examination with state of the art scanning technology, he told me that the cataract had grown so dense he could not see behind it. . . and damage could have occurred – in the worst case scenario, I could be blind in my left eye. As for my right eye, a new cataract was just forming and did not pose an immediate problem. First, we needed to address my left eye. . . and quickly.

    Just a few days later, I went to a special surgical center used exclusively for eye surgeries (and just a half block away from Dr. Khodobaksh’s Beverly Hills office) for my outpatient procedure. I was prepped with eyedrops and a small amount of calming anesthesia (I was dreamy but conscious throughout). While the surgery was unique due to the density of my cataract (and was videotaped for his teaching classes across the country), Dr. Khodobaksh performed it in about 20 minutes. After a half hour or so in post-op, I was again examined by the good doctor and, since the operation was a complete and total success, I was allowed to go home.
    From start to finish, I was in the surgery center about three hours. And I have experienced more discomfort having my teeth cleaned than I did at any time during his procedure.

    A couple of weeks later, I went back for my right eye with the same good results, the same comfort, and in less time (about two and a half hours in and out).

    My follow-up examinations were rigorous yet hassle-free. . . and from beginning to end, throughout the entire process, Dr. Khodobaksh was accessible and personable, willing to address any and all of my questions or concerns. Aside from being an excellent doctor, he is a very good guy.
    Now my sight is better than 20/20 in both eyes. Through his remarkable expertise, Dr. Khodobaksh restored to me the gift of vision, for which I cannot thank him enough. . . and which I will never again take for granted."

    —Steven Whitney, Author / Screenwriter

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "LASIK surgery with Dr. Khodabakhsh changed my life! Before LASIK surgery I had to fumble around every morning looking for my glasses. Now, I just roll out of bed and go on with my day. I have gotten rid of my glasses completely and even see better than many people around me."

    —David Y

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "For years I could not fathom the thought of LASIK. The thought of having a doctor go in and cut my eyes with a blade or laser was out of the question. It was a far dream for me to wake up and not have to reach over for my trusty glasses or to be able to go swimming in the summer and be able to see! One of my biggest worries living in California was earthquakes. The “what if’s…” were always present. It’s now been 22 days since I had the procedure done and it’s been great. Dr. Khodabakhsh is an amazing doctor. There was never a doubt in my mind after meeting him for the first time on a Sunday morning (as I was the fortunate one to drive my sister to his office, who had never been seen by him either) for an emergency visit. She had a severe accident with her contact lenses and needed attention. Now this is why I cannot stop raving about this doctor. We even felt bad because it was Sunday morning, his wife’s birthday, and his mouth was swollen from undergoing dental surgery 2 days prior. After my initial consult he made me feel like he really had both my sister’s and my best interest at heart. Once my sister recovered, we both scheduled to have our procedures done together, and my mom is soon to follow. I could not have been more blessed than having Dr. Khodabakhsh and his practice in my life. The Beverly Hills Vision staff is the nicest and Christine is the best. I owe my new 20/15 vision to him and his wonderful staff. Thank you so much, you have really changed my life.

    For those contemplating LASIK: If you are a candidate, it is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. My procedure was pain-free and the actual laser part was at most 30-odd seconds long (per eye). The benefits are incredible. You will no longer be dependant on glasses or contacts, and that’s such a great feeling. I guarantee that once you meet Dr. Khodabakhsh you’ll feel just as I did. My only regret is not meeting him sooner!!"

    —Monica C

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    " Dr. Khodabakhsh gave me an amazing consultation, and explained everything in full detail to me. During the procedure Dr. K made me feel very comfortable; he talked to me throughout the procedure, and it felt like it was only a few minutes long. I had perfect vision the next day and now I have better-than-perfect vision. Dr. Khodabakhsh knows what he is doing and I highly recommend him to anyone."

    —Ashkan K

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "Since the fourth grade, I’ve worn some form of corrective lenses. My vision grew progressively worse as I got older, reaching as high as a negative-10 prescription for my contact lenses. I could not even see the big “E” on top of an eye chart! So, imagine how it felt when I emerged from my LASIK procedure able to read the numbers on the clock on the wall, just seconds after Dr. K “fixed” my eyes. Since then, I’ve enjoyed breathtaking views of many things, without contacts or glasses. It’s been incredibly liberating. Because I was so severely nearsighted before, I do feel like this has been a major life change."

    —Julie H

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "Hi, my name is Sandra Flores, and I’m the office manager to a large medical practice.

    I had seen, plus interviewed, many doctors because of my very high astigmatism. After doing my research for 1 year I decided to have Dr. Khodabakhsh do my surgery, and it was the best decision I ever made. My vision after surgery was 20/20; it was awesome!

    Now I enjoy doing things I couldn’t before, like watching TV, running without having my glasses falling off, not having to use contacts, waking in the morning and not having to worry where I left my glasses the day before, wearing eye make up that people can actually see without my glasses, and looking younger. Thank you Dr. Khodabakhsh; you’re the best!"

    —Sandra F

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "My name is Jackline Daneshrad. I have been wearing glasses since the age of eight and soft contact lenses since they were available. Like many long-time contact lens users I developed severe allergies to the lens which made my life miserable. I had a big dilemma on my hands: I did not wanted to go back to glasses and I was TERRIFIED to undergo to LASIK surgery!

    Finally, I took a courageous step and interviewed the best LASIK doctors . Dr K. was the only doctor I would trust my eyes to, and after a perfect surgery, he gave me perfect vision. I was so happy with my results that I recommended Dr K. to my son. My son is elated with the outcome of his surgery, too.

    I am so glad I did it and I love my new eyes. I recommend Dr K. to anyone considering LASIK surgery. Thanks Dr K., I am forever grateful."

    —Jackline D

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "Thank you so much for the gift of freedom. After years of putting the idea off, one meeting with Dr. K finally unleashed me from the fear of going forward with this procedure. His great depth of knowledge and amazing level of attention to detail were extremely reassuring.

    Now I am free of glasses and my vision is actually better than it was with those clumsy annoying frames (and don’t let me get started about my trials with contact lenses!).

    Wishing you continued success in improving life for your patients one procedure at a time."

    —Allen S

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "I can’t thank Dr. Khodabakhsh enough for my new eyes! I had the PRK surgery a year ago, and my eyes are incredible. Before I had the surgery, I was a -5 in each eye, and now I’m 20/15. Dr. Khodabakhsh is an incredible doctor. He’s very thorough, informative, and accessible. He gave me his personal cell phone number in case I had any issues after my surgery, which is something I find rare. He truly cares about each of his patients. I highly recommend him!

    Thank you, Dr. Khodabakhsh!"

    —Brittany B

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "Who needs HD television when you’ve got your own HD eyes? For someone typically without a loss for words……I am finally struck at how difficult it is to explain the sheer joy I feel after having my new hero, Dr. Khodabakhsh, remove a horrendous cataract and replace it with my new, awesome multifocal lens. It’s a 20 minute procedure and the world is new. His patience, understanding, and truly gifted hands are incomparable. I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else, nor should you. I am so happy. Can’t wait for the next (and last) eye!"

    —Pam F

  • Beverly Hills Vision

    "Thank you so much for making such a change in my life. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I could have such perfect vision in my 70s. I have been wearing corrective lenses since my early teens and the changes came regularly until I was faced with the need for cataract surgery. Since you had done corrective surgery for my husband, I knew that there was no other choice but to have you do the cataract surgery. I have been totally without glasses for several months now and i can read everything even the smallest print in the phone book. I never would have believed that would be possible.

    Thank you so much for making such a positive difference in my life."

    —Pat B

  • My cataract surgery performed by A. James Khodabakhsh, M.D. has left me with remarkable vision: 20-25 in each eye. Now, after a long lifetime wearing glasses, I do not need them anymore. I see better than I ever did. Colors are more vibrant. Clarity and depth of field have me seeing things as small as a filament of thin wire on a window screen, or the small print on a label. I’m experiencing “second sight” at the age of 71, and it’s just wonderful.

    On a personal level, Dr. Khodabakhsh is bright, quick, and charming. He put me at ease immediately, never appeared rushed, and gave me his complete attention as we discussed all the possibilities. He was thorough and very well informed, and I began to trust him from the git-go.

    I’d also like to commend him for a terrific staff, friendly and efficient. His office is really well run.

    There was nothing negative about my experience with Dr. K.


    Stephen H. Foreman

  • Dear Dr. K.I must let you know what a difference you have made in my life. Although you came recommended to me by my Opthamologist of 30 years…I was a little anxious about having Cataract Surgery until I met you. Your calm professionalism as well as your patience in explaining every single step along the way gave me the confidence to go ahead with the procedure. The best part of all was your suggested choice of receiving the Crystal Lens implant. What a miracle. 30 minutes after the procedure I could see out of my right eye so completely that I cried. Before this…I had no business driving and I thouht I was destined to see blurred tail lights, blurred street signs and dimmed colors for the rest of my life. The Crystal lens was the perfect choice because I now see as I did as a young adult: close, middle and distance.Thank you so very much. I will never be able to properly explain to you the difference in quality of life that you have given me. I now wait anxiously for the other eye to be corrected I can’t wait.
    I also would like you to know your office staff is like no other staff I have seen. They are patient, helpful and make me feel I have been a patient of yours forever.

    With Gratitude,
    Lara L. Ladd

  • In the past 3 months of 2010 I have had two very difficult cataract surgeries done magnificently by Dr. Khodabakhsh with wonderful results. He is without doubt the very best opthamalogical surgeon, attentive, helpful, caring, and courteous as is his whole staff. I am delighted to be able to recommend him to anyone in need of his great skill.Most sincerely,
    Carolyn S. Olman, Patient
  • My mother had cataract surgery in the ‘60s. She spent a week in the hospital with her head immobilized by sandbags. After her “successful” surgery, she wore very thick glasses and lost 10% of her peripheral vision. I trembled at the thought that I would have to have cataract surgery.
    My ophthalmologist’s simple statement that Dr. Khodabakhsh would eventually remove his cataracts quieted my fears. It was, however, Dr. Khodabakhsh’s well-earned reputation, gentle reassurances, accessibility, and the fact that I can see clearly now, my fear of future cataract surgery has been laid to rest.Thank you.
    Janis Weir
  • Dear Dr. KhodabakhshI just want to thank you for the excellent work you did on my eyes. No one can know the joy of regaining how sharp all the bright colors are, and seeing everything without glasses. My reading vision has not been this sharp since I was 20! Of course on the other side, is the shock of seeing all the dirt in our house, or the lines on my face. But, I prefer it this way… So thank you so much for the cataract job for me.Mary Perreault
  • Dr.Khodabakhsh M.D.How do I thank you enough for what you have done for me,no more glasses,no more stress,no more worry.I can’t believe that I don’t have to search each morning for a pair of glasses, which have been a crutch for 50 years.How do I say thank you for making my life so much more comfortable ? I can see my friends when I go surfing and actually see the waves on the horizon when they approach.I can read my manuscript for work effortlessly without glasses.My eyes do not get tired,I do not have headaches any longer.How can I say thank you enough?My life changed the moment I walked into your office and it has never been the same since. Truly a miracle,the lenses you suggested for me have added years of stress free living for me and my family. My family and I thank you for giving us this marvelous gift.Words alone can not express just how wonderful you are and how much we love you.Thank you Dr. Khodabakhsh for giving me my life back and putting a smile on my face each morning.Respectfully,
    Harry Azriel